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“Massive thanks to Ithaca College Park Productions & their incredible team”


Filmed on location at The Studio @icthstudio Ithaca, NY

Produced by Park Productions @icparkproductions @icparkschool


#AutismAwareness 2020


'Your World' is an original song by Irish singer/songwriter Mark Daly


Instagram: @markdalymusic

Spotify: // Apple Music:

Producer: Will Fowler @fowlerwill

Director: John Fucile @johnafucile

Editor: Andrew Hallenberg @andrewhallenberg

DP: Hudson Payer @hudsonpayer

Camera Assistant: Abigail Hauptman @abbyhauptman

Grip/ Electric Swing: Myles Mantzaris @mylesmantzaris



Park Productions is creating a promotional video for the 2019 season of the Geneva Music Festival.  Our team will also be recording a concert during the festival at Hobart William Smith College; this year’s theme is “Women in Music: Key Players.”  



The Cornell Veterinary Biobank collects and stores biological samples that can be used for research to improve animal and human health. Park Productions is creating an animated film that will be used to explain and promote the biobank.


Borg Warner designs, manufactures, and supplies the global market with automotive parts. Park Productions is creating four engaging videos the company will use to inspire and inform their teams worldwide.  Students filmed at the Borg Warner plant in Ithaca, interviewed key personnel, and produced multi-camera studio recordings of the Borg Warner trainer



At Comedy Central with VP Kellyn Parker and the crew.


Chris Sanagustin, Production Company Executive, NBC/Universal

Matt Hinerfeld, Digital Marketing Executive, DEFY Media

Kelsey Scott, Actress, Writer

Kellyn Parker, Network Executive, Comedy Central

Nancy Robinson, Director of Education, Academy of TV Arts and Sciences

*Vimeo Password: InsiderInside

There is a formula for developing ideas for feature films and television series, used by writers, producers, directors and creators of all forms of media. Known as the “creative process,” it all begins with an idea, which is then molded or “developed” into a story, written as a treatment or script, and made viable for the marketplace by attaching the right talent or production entity.


In this documentary project, Steve Gordon, Professor of Media Arts at Ithaca College, and previously a Hollywood production executive, sits down with friends and former colleagues to discuss the role that creative people undertake in developing ideas for film and television.


Park Productions is working with professor Andrew Torelli to create a series of videos that expose the beauty of chemistry by capturing rare infrared images of natural phenomena.  Professor Torelli’s research and the films are funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Ariana Barreca (TV-R class of 2021) who started working for Park Productions this summer is the director and editor.


It’s not every day you get to shoot in such a beautiful location! Students working with Park Productions completed a video recording and live stream for the music drama, "Tenebrae: The Passion of Dietrich Bonhoeffer” in Sage Chapel at Cornell University. “Tenebrae” is deeply moving production based off of a true story about the unlikely warrior for justice, the German Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in Nazi Germany, who fought to overthrow Hitler’s evil regime and save the people that he oppressed. Watch a recording of this inspirational production.

Local developer Visum wanted a video that tells the story of the company-- the team, the investors, the relationships, the ethos that make Visum special.  Park Productions student team lead by director Andrew Hallenberg crafted the video, and Ariana Barreca worked closely with Visum executives to edit the promo.


Recently our team of students and alumni helped produce the documentary, "Elizabeth Bishop and the Art of Losing," directed by Ithaca College professor John Scott.   This feature documentary follows the life of Elizabeth Bishop, a remarkable woman with a fascinating life who is considered to be one of the greatest American poets to have ever lived. #icparkproductions #ElizabethBishop #IthacaCollege


As supervising producer, Park Productions provided creative services, equipment, crew, fiscal oversight, and project management to “The Library” winner of the grand prize of the CocaCola Regal Film Contest.  The 35 second short was written by students Eva Kirie and Clara Montague. Eva was the producer and Clara was the director. Park Productions will receive for Ithaca College a RED EPIC-W 8K S35 camera package valued at $35,895  The short film is now screening at all Regal Cinemas around the world--that’s over 5,000 screens!  


This short video is being shown at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada and will travel to other large museums around North America.  The video shows how Dr. Linda Rayor and her students at Cornell University prepared spiders for exhibition in the show “Spiders: Fear and Fascination.”  Park Productions’ students and staff

directed and edited the video, guided by Linda Rayor and Carol Jennings.


IC Beyond Body asks everyone to create and share inspiring stories that go “beyond body” and focus on strengths and inner qualities. In the words of Sophie Tulp, published in USA Today College, “IC Beyond Body empowers not just women, but everyone (yes, men, you’re welcome too!) to rewrite the media narrative, and populate our feeds with both body-positive images and a celebration of nonphysical character traits that mean so much more than what you look like in the dressing-room mirror.” IC Beyond Body aims to create a network of like-minded people who can contribute their thoughts and experiences via social media with #ICBeyondBody and

connect across the nation with people

who are demanding more from the media.


Winner of the Smithsonian in Motion video contest in the Natural World category. This video seeks to demonstrate how the cloud forest's entire ecosystem depends on clean water for survival and would suffer significant damage should this unique watershed be subject to mining, pesticides and deforestation. Created by Jackson Eagan, Carol Jennings, and Daniel Masciari in collaboration with community organizers, educators, and farmers in Intag, Ecuador.

Naturalist Outreach

Naturalist Outreach
Bird Feeding Adaptations: How Beaks are Adapted to What Birds Eat
Play Video
Oh Deer! White-Tailed Deer Biology
Play Video
Whale song and diversity
Play Video
Understanding Insect Sounds: Nature's Orchestra
Play Video

The Naturalist Outreach Project is a series of short videos made to inspire children to learn scientific facts about animals, plants, and insects. With over a million views, the series is funded by the National Science Foundation. Our partner is Dr. Linda Rayor from the Cornell department of Entomology, who appears in the Discovery Channel’s Monster Bug Wars. Over 100 Ithaca College and Cornell University students have worked on this ongoing series.

Cornell Institute for Women in Science (CIWS) conducts research and disseminates information on various topics relevant to women's experiences in scientific careers. Park Productions creates video outreach materials for CIWS which are supported by a grant from the National Institute of Health. This year, we worked with pre-teens and teens from Binghamton who are passionate about science and share their knowledge with others from underprivileged backgrounds by organizing a hands-on science fair for city youth. In interviews, they discuss their career aspirations, friendships, distractions, and strategies for success.

Uncorked is a webisode series created to engage communities around local food, wine, and the natural beauty of the Finger lakes. The series tells the story of an amateur winemaker who plots to revive his marriage and bank account by winning an organic wine competition.


Peter Saltonstall, a landowner in the Finger Lakes region, takes us on a flyover of natural gas drilling sites in Pennsylvania. We show the scope and scale of hydrofracking in Pennsylvania. Gas pads, pipelines, and road construction are common sites in the rural landscape. Saltonstall considers the potential for job creation, energy independence, and tax gains, while showing the environmental impact of hydrofracking. This video will spark curiosity and inform viewers on both sides of the debate.


Students at Park Productions produced this fun short for alumni weekend and the Park School's 40th anniversary celebration.


"Wake Up Screaming" is a documentary about three drug-addicted felons who are sentenced to a shock treatment program in central New York. The film opens up a dramatic view of the addict's struggle for change. It screened on PBS affiliates in New York State and at various festivals.


Kids will love this short video about one of the earth's most charismatic and rare species, the ring-tailed lemur, native only to Madagascar. Educators at the Tzimbazaza Zoo in Madagascar's capital city share their knowledge of lemurs, a key species in the country's ecology and economy. Produced by students at Ithaca College and University of Antananarivo during a workshop at the National Film Festival of Madagascar.


Park Productions recently completed a short independent documentary about experiments with children's memory. At Cornell University, renowned psychologist Stephen Ceci studies the accuracy of children's courtroom testimony, particularly in cases alleging physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. "Truth and Consequence" is a short (37 minute) documentary that focuses on Professor Ceci's research and three court cases in which he testified as an expert witness.


Jamie Anderson edited this short video about High Hopes, a non-profit therapeutic riding program for children and adults with disabilities. The project was supported by a James B. Pendleton Grant from the Ithaca College Park School of Communications. The video focuses on three young riders with disabilities who benefit physically, emotionally, and socially from their involvement with High Hopes.

Visit Ithaca is an advertising and public relations campaign sponsored by the Ithaca/Tompkins Convention and Visitor's Bureau, "I Love New York," and "Brand USA." Recent alumni and students at Park Productions, Ithaca College scripted, directed, and edited eight spots. The commercials are airing on The Learning Channel, Lifetime, A&E, and Bravo, as well as on YouTube videos in Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, and Ottawa.



Park Productions students profile student leaders at Ithaca College who demonstrate the central themes of an IC education. Study abroad, interdisciplinary collaboration, and professional practice are just a few of the many opportunities available to the incoming Class of 2017.



This series of videos gives viewers an in-depth look at the process of cleaning water and returning it to the Cayuga Lake watershed. The purpose of the video series is to educate community members about how the water they use is treated and returned to the Ithaca area watershed.


The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) launched the Checkpoints Story Contest in the spring of 2011. The contest invites writers from around the world to submit short essays, stories, or poems on the theme of "checkpoints." Park Productions is adapting several of these stories to screens of all sizes. The series will launch at - an online video sharing site that focuses on social justice and environmental issues.


Cynthia Henderson, Professor of Theater Arts, and Carol Jennings, Director of the Park Media Lab, and their students are collaborating on a special documentary project that explores the process of transforming experience into an expressive art. The documentary focuses on the staging of “Plumfield Iraq,” a play about eight American high school students who experience the war, some from a distance and some up close. The documentary follows theater arts students and members of the design team as they participate in the process of getting a play ready for opening night. Students from cinema and theater worked closely together and compared practices in their respective fields.


Performing the Score is an educational DVD about the expressive qualities of early pianos and the baroque violin, and how these qualities affect the performance of classical music. Park Productions produced the video for Malcolm Bilson, Frederick J. Whiton Professor of Music at Cornell University. The project is being supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

"This DVD is truly inspiring — a completely lucid and authoritative look at the connections between the great composers and the instruments that they worked with."
~Emanuel Ax, pianist


This DVD was used to launch Ithaca College's successful $130 million capital campaign. The five stories focus on five extraordinary students whose passion makes a world of difference.


This video and DVD project documented the five-year exchange program between the Whalen School and the Irish World Music Center in Limerick. The DVD features the Ithaca College choir, orchestra, and Ariadne Quartet's tour of Ireland, faculty workshops, photo galleries, and interviews. Many students at Park Productions learned about shooting and editing while helping with this project.


This short film comedy was commissioned by the Showtime Network and directed by Carrie Blank. In a stylized parody of the academy-award winning feature "Leaving Las Vegas," the story imagines early signs of addiction among four year-olds in a pre-school.


We shot interviews with nine seniors who talked about how their experiences at Ithaca College's School of Humanities and Sciences helped prepare them for success in a variety of fields. This video will be aimed at prospective students and is based off our work on another project called "Meet TV-R," which can be viewed here.


This video installation about nanotechnology was produced for the Ithaca Sciencenter and funded by the National Science Foundation. The video is part of a hands-on interactive exhibit about tiny tools and tiny objects which will travel to several museums across the country.


Rodrigo Bellot is a well-traveled filmmaker whose work has taken him to many "A-List" festivals, including Cannes, Toronto, and Venice. He brought the script, a lead actor from Chile, and production funding. Park Productions provided crew, equipment, and contacts with local vendors. Together we made a feature film, "Perfidy" which premiered at the Miami International Film Festival.

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